Investment Opportunities

Did you know that the majority of wealthy people have created wealth through real estate? It is easier than you think! We are experts in helping saavy and first-time investors enhance their wealth through real estate acquisitions. The average millionaire has several sources of income and we can guide you through the creation of your own corporation to protect your personal assets and maximize tax code to increase profits on your investment. ROI is detrimental to any investment, but navigating real estate ROI goes beyond traditional investing. Factors such as depreciation, long term appreciation, write offs, and off setting debt are just some essential terms in any understanding long term and short term growth of these investments.

The real estate market both residential and commercial look to the money markets and the central banking systems for insight into the trends in the market. Things can change quickly but most trends have outliers that are patterns of behavior from previous cycles. Being in the know in the financial world is critical in navigating expectations in the real estate market, our relationships with those involved in Fortune 500 companies and in money markets who have this knowledge allows us to prepare for upcoming movement in these waves. Time is money and money is time, and for us time is continuous knowledge building in both of these markets ahead of predictive changes. We will continue to supply our investors with social media, blog information, and our interpretations pertinent to these markets that we believe are indicative to what is happening in the current wave and what is to come.

Our investment consultation leadership advises on the following:

  • Short term rental properties
  • Long term rental properties
  • Purchase and Sale flip opportunities
  • Section 1031 (also called like-kind exchange) Sale and Purchase within one calendar year
  • Multi family ownership with rental income
  • Short sale and foreclosure guidance
  • Establish entity ownership to guide tax benefits
  • Land purchase with construction loans
  • Land development opportunities both residential and commercial

No matter if you have little liquidity to put into the system or larger amounts, we have solutions for your investments in the real estate business sector. We will help guide you on the opportunities on a case by case situation, and explain in detail how each situation works best for your money. Working transparency between ourselves and our clients and giving you the understanding of how your money is working is key in all of our business models to building long lasting relationships.

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*Good 2 Go Properties and Services investment consultation services are on a recommendation sourced basis. The client has final say and oversight on their execution of strategies with investments.