Property Maintenance, Contracting and Preservation Services

Managing a property requires constant monitoring and vigilance. Over time, rental properties can suffer wear and tear. And when small issues become big problems, the consequences for your rental revenue and long-term investment can be significant.

At Good2Go, our Property Preservation and General Contracting division is fully licensed and insured for any essential property management task. We carry out preventative maintenance, major repairs and regulatory inspections to ensure the properties in our care are always in top condition.

Our team offers more that 20 years of experience in property preservation and contracting. We’re here to minimize the cost of maintaining your property while maximizing its rental potential.

Want to learn more about our property maintenance, repair and preservation services? Call or email our team for an initial consultation.


Our Property Maintenance and General Contracting Services            

Here at Good2Go, it’s our job to take care of your property as if it were our own. We will take full control over the care and upkeep of your property, leaving you free to pursue other business interests.

Our property preservation and contracting services include:

  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Inspections
  • Renovations and Remodeling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Property Preservation

Property Inspections & Maintenance

As part of our property management duties, we inspect properties to ensure our clients’ financial interests are protected. We look for tell-tale signs of major defects and address them before they cause serious —  and expensive —  problems down the line. We use our property maintenance and inspection skills to protect our portfolios and offer our services directly to consumers at competitive prices.

MACC Property Inspections

Our property inspectors look for signs of aging and significant defects, which include

Property Renovation Services

Here at Good2Go Properties & Services, we can freshen up your home, improve its flow, upgrade its features, and generally add value. Whether you’re looking to remodel the entire property or update your bathroom, our experienced experts and trade professional can deliver results.

We offer a full-service approach to property remodeling and renovations. This means we’ll take your project from concept to completion. We’ll advise you on the improvements that will increase your home’s rental value, and then we’ll agree on an action plan that delivers your objectives.

When you hire us for property renovation services, you’re guaranteed a professional service that includes:

  • Punctuality and dedication
  • A hard-working team of certified trade professionals
  • Premium products and materials
  • A tight, yet realistic deadline that won’t budge
  • A creative approach that adds a different dimension to your property
  • A complete cleanup service once the work is complete

Don’t leave the design and remodeling of your home to chance. Call us about our renovation and remodeling services today, and we’ll show you how we’ll transform your property and increase its rental value.

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Property Preservation & Rehabilitation 

As well as serving homeowners and consumers, we provide Property Preservation and Rehabilitation services for investors, lenders and foreclosure lien holders.

  • Inspection Services
  • Cleaning Services; interior & exterior
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Remodeling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Services

Through our network of industry contacts, our extensive experience in the real estate industry, and comprehensive expertise, we’re able to keep costs low while maintaining exceptional levels of quality. As a result, we maximize returns without compromising standards.

To leverage our extensive experience, expertise, and network of contacts, call us for an initial consultation. Our Property Preservation and Contracting Team will show you how we can grow the value of your property portfolio through a service plan designed just for you.

Expert Property Preservation Is Just a Phone Call Away

At Good2Go, nothing but the finest materials and the highest quality labor will do. We have worked tirelessly over the years to develop a pool of partners, collaborators and suppliers who can give us a commercial advantage over larger competitors.


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